Some Statistics of the Operation for the Adical Cure of Hernia

W. M. Banks
1887 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
be due to congenital predominance of that hemisphere or results from the education of the right hand. For my own part, I believe that both these caucss havo their influence. But the case is an additional argument on the side of education, and it points to writing as the muot potent of these educational influences. The ordinary rule of the organ of speech being in the same hemisphere that serves for the voluntary movements of the naturally predominant hand-this ordinary rule was reversed, and
more » ... as reversed, and the reversal is the more remarkable because the congenitally predominant hand had remained the preferential hand for all actions except writing. The habit of writilg imuch seems the only assignable cause for this reversal. And it may he held to be an adequate cause, for the memory of words will naturally gi with the movements of the hand that writes thelm; and the proc(t.s is simplified by using one and the same cerebral hemisphere for recollecting the words andfor directing the hand in setting down their symnols. It has been suggested, and with some reason, that it might be better for us-that we should be capable of more mental labour, with less fatingue-if we eu,ploved both hemispheres instead of throwing all the work on to one. The case I have related would not support this view, for the gentleman was capable of an enormous amount of mental labour. His only relaxation was chess. The degree in which the education and employment of the right hand for wlitiug operate in inducing tho use of the left heniisl,lhtre for speech might be tested by inquiring more particularly into the circumlntances of cases of aphasia with lelt hemiplcgia in left.han(letl peis,'ns. Has this ever been noticed in persons much engaged in writii,g? BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, FIFTY-FIFTH ANNUAL MEETING.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1406.1259 fatcat:dhsvsisb4ngo5nqv4q7fp3hmja