Synergizing Multi-Plasticizers for a Starch-Based Edible Film

Jun Fu, Mahafooj Alee, Mao Yang, Hongsheng Liu, Yanan Li, Zhongxian Li, Long Yu
2022 Foods  
Synergized multi-plasticizers for a starch-based edible film were developed for food packaging. The most popular edible plasticizers, water, glycerol, and sorbitol were used as modal materials to demonstrate the synergized function of multi-plasticizers. The efficiency, stability, and compatibility of each plasticizer, as well as their synergized functions were investigated based on the characterizations of tensile properties after storing under different humidity conditions and for different
more » ... mes. The relationship between the microstructures of the plasticizers and their performances was studied and established. The results showed that water is an efficient plasticizer but is not stable, which results in it becoming brittle under lower humidity conditions; glycerol has a stronger moisture-retaining and absorption capability, which results in a weaker tensile strength under higher humidity conditions; and sorbitol is an efficient and stable plasticizer but needs to work with water, and its function can be synthesized by mixing it with water and glycerol.
doi:10.3390/foods11203254 fatcat:zh7rzwimdjdajatcftfd4iw3wu