Evidence for orientational tunneling of CO intercalated in C[sub 60]: A nuclear magnetic resonance study

M. Tomaselli, D. W. Knecht, I. Holleman, G. Meijer, B. H. Meier
2000 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We characterize the low-temperature dynamics of CO intercalated in C 60 using NMR spectroscopy. CO in C 60 is found to be dynamically inhomogeneous below 30 K: The 13 CO line shapes reflect a dynamic disorder to static disorder transition, with only quantum tunneling among equivalent orientations in a local S 6 symmetry potential remaining. The increased hindrance of the CO motion cannot be reconciled with common expectations of a homogeneous, thermally activated jumplike reorientation process,
more » ... rientation process, but is well accounted for in a model of orientational pinning due to asymmetric distortions of the cage potential.
doi:10.1063/1.1312866 fatcat:pu2gupp5jvgmhgvn576mv7k4ce