TRANS Outperforms MTF for Two Special Types of Request Sequence Without Locality of Reference

Rakesh Mohanty, Sangita Patel, Shiba Prasad Dash, Burle Sharma
2012 Procedia Technology - Elsevier  
Various list accessing algorithms have been proposed in the literature and their performances have been analyzed theoretically and experimentally. Move-To-Front (MTF) and Transpose(TRANS) are two primitive list accessing algorithms. MTF has been proved to be the best performing online algorithm till date in the literature for real life inputs and practical applications. It has been shown that when storage space is extremely limited and pointers for lists cannot be used, then array
more » ... array implementation of TRANS gives efficient reorganization. Use of MTF is extensive in the literature whereas, the use of TRANS is rare. As mentioned as an open problem in the literature, direct bounds on the behavior and performance of various list accessing algorithms are needed to allow realistic comparisons. Since it has been shown that no single optimal permutation algorithm exists, it becomes necessary to characterize the circumstances that indicate the advantage in using a particular list accessing algorithm. Motivated by above challenging research issue, in this paper we have made an analytical study for evaluating the performance of TRANS list accessing algorithms using two special types of request sequences without locality of reference. We have compared the performance of TRANS with MTF and observed that TRANS outperforms MTF for these considered types of request sequences.
doi:10.1016/j.protcy.2012.10.067 fatcat:uj4reluwgzhnjiwlusoe35akii