Ka jian Pemahaman Mas ya raka t Terhadap Perubahan Iklim Di Kawasan Pesisir Pa ria man Uta ra

M Ra Fdi, W Handa Ya Ni
2016 Jurnal Teknik PWK (Perencanaan Wilayah Kota)   unpublished
Climate change has been emerging as a pheno menal issue scientific research has found that climate change leads to serious global threat. One of the affected area because of climate change is Coastal area of Pariaman Utara. Coastal area of Pariaman Utara is po tentially at risk. People has been living there for a long time hereditarily. Various condition of the community such as the education level, profession, etc. certainly affect community's co mprehension about climate change especially in
more » ... ariaman Utara District coastal area. This is caused by the la ck of information and awareness of the community itself. This research aims to example the Pariaman Utara District's community comprehension climate change in coastal area. This research used mix-methods. Data collection done by questionnaire, observation and interview. Analysis used is statistic descrip tive and cross-tabs. Examining community's opinion by finding relation between community responses and it's understanding about climate change in coastal area. Based on the research, obtained four categories that represent community's understanding about climate change in coastal area. The results show that the third category, the people who didn't undersand the reasons of climate change but did the proper actions dominate about 45%. Proper action of co mmunity initiated by government. Based on analysis, community co mprehension about climate change refers to natural cycles.