RWW 2022

2021 IEEE Microwave Magazine  
Electromagnetic Field, Device and Circuit Techniques q Field analysis and guided waves -Novel guiding and radiating structures, new physical phenomena in transmission lines and waveguides, and new analytical methods for solving guided-wave and radiation problems. w Numerical techniques & CAD algorithms -Finite-difference, finite-element, integral equation, and hybrid methods for RF, microwave, and THz applications. Simulation, modeling, uncertainty quantification, and design optimization;
more » ... t-, EM-, multi-physics-, and statistics-based, including surrogate modeling, space mapping, and model order reduction techniques. 3$ MHz-to-THz physical layer security -Devices, circuits, and systems for secured communication and sensing from MHz to THz, addressing general security vulnerability due to electromagnetic emissions, hardware and software co-design for physical layer security, advanced devices and materials to enhance RF, mm-Wave, and THz physical layer security, trusted design, fabrication, packaging, and validation for RF, mm-Wave, and THz electronics. 3% Quantum devices, systems, and applications -Cryogenic RF devices, circuits, systems and interfaces for quantum computing and sensing applications.
doi:10.1109/mmm.2021.3077169 fatcat:pnuateotazbsfch7wxqiytwexu