Using School Events to Help Junior High School Students Development Interpersonal Relations

2005 The Annual Report of Educational Psychology in Japan  
An important contemporary issue is the development of interpersonal relations in the classroom. Teachers in Japan should help their students learn to be members of their group. Recently, students have lost the opportunity to learn social rules, because they no longer play with their peers in groups. Rather, they have relationships with a few peers only, and in such a small group, no experience with conflict. School events may be useful in order to help junior high school students develop their
more » ... nterpersonal relations. In the present paper, this assumption was examined in the context of a few cases. The results showed that the following might be important: (1) teachers should intervene in the communication among students in order to promote self-organization systems in the classroom; and (2) teachers should help students become conscious of cooperating within their peer group.
doi:10.5926/arepj1962.44.0_156 fatcat:iqihpn67ynhe5eopp5xqpkcgoa