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2010 Gynecological Surgery  
Laparoscopy is increasingly considered the gold standard in the management of adnexal masses. This approach has been progressively evaluated in new and uncommon indications. Nevertheless, benign ovarian tumors are still treated by laparotomy by many gynecologists. Objective: To present our experience in laparoscopic surgery for benign adnexal disease for a period of two years (2008)(2009). We evaluated menopausal status, past medical and surgical history, symptoms, ultrasound findings, tumor
more » ... kers, operative findings, histological results and complications. Results: We performed laparoscopic surgery in 23 patients with adnexal disease. The mean age was 45 years (range 18-74 years), 35% were postmenopausal and 17% had previous abdominal surgery. In most cases women were asymptomatic, but had sonographic finding of suspicious adnexal cyst (due to size, complexity and/or persistence). Tumor markers were within normal ranges in almost all cases. All cases were completed successfully, without conversion to laparotomy approach. The most frequent histological reports were serous cystadenoma and endometriosis. Conclusion: This study shows that laparoscopy should be considered in initial approach to adnexal pathology, either for diagnostic or therapeutic aims. Further, in most cases, it avoids the invasive laparotomic approach. It seems to be a technique increasingly effective and safe, provided it is performed by experienced surgeons with appropriate tools.
doi:10.1007/s10397-010-0620-1 fatcat:xkyqsdoilvfpno3tctledg66ku