Accelerating Image Algorithm Development using Soft Co-Processors on FPGAs

Tiantai Deng, Danny Crookes, Roger Woods, Fahad Siddiqui
2018 2018 29th Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC)  
FPGAs can offer high performance with low power and low hardware usage. However, with current software, FPGAs are hard to program, and lengthy re-synthesis times make them unsuitable for the algorithm experimentation which is typical of developing image processing applications. In this paper, we present a system model based on a set of Soft Co-Processors, each of which implements a basic image-level operation (or a common combination of such operations) based on the high-level operators in
more » ... Algebra. Both 'debug' (generic but unoptimised) and 'release' (specific and optimised) versions of the Soft Co-Processors can be used. The advantage of debug mode is that no re-synthesis is required during algorithm experimentation. For release mode, a novel macro-based transformation tool enables the creation of a set of reusable HLS skeleton co-processors which require the user only to write a C function to obtain a new, special-purpose Soft Co-Processor. Initial experiments with several algorithms show that the area and speed overheads for using debug (rather than release) mode are both around 25-30%, thus enabling algorithm development to take place on the FPGA itself. For creating function-specific Co-processors using our macro-based tool, the overheads compared with an expert hardware design are around 20%.
doi:10.1109/issc.2018.8585363 fatcat:vpvnkfcz5zgz5p32fltkltx4zq