Peran Unit Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan (UKM) Dalam Percepatan Masa Tunggu Lulusan (Suatu Studi Kasus Pada AKBID Delima Persada Gresik)

Eka Srirahayu Ariestiningsih
2018 Firm Journal of Management Studies  
<p>Granting an independent midwife, is part of the vision phrase that will be realized by the Academy of<br />Midwifery (AKBID) Delima Persada Gresik. To realize that vision of the AKBID Delima Persada<br />Gresik, is obliged to give knowledge to students as learners to have entrepreneur spirit. As the effect<br />the enactment of the Regulation of the Midwife Professional Organization, the Ikatan Bidan Indonesia<br />(IBI), that to establish an Independent Midwife Practice Clinik / Klinik
more » ... linik / Klinik Bidan Praktek Mandiri<br />(BPM), must have an internship certificate for 2 (two) years. it is considered burdensome for some<br />graduates waiting for 2 (two) years to be able to open the Clinic of Independent Practice Midwife/<br />Klinik Bidan Praktek Mandiri (BPM) therefore are some graduates working out of their skills as<br />midwife , as well as many graduates of Midwife who implements activities gained form Student<br />Activity Unit/Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) of Entrepreneurship to open business independently<br />while applying internship at Senior Midwife. This research as a follow-up research that has been done<br />in the Academy of Midwifery Delima Persada Gresik at 2017. The result of the research that has been<br />done is Student Activity Unit/Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) entreprenurship has been providing<br />knoledge of haw to make porridge as an additional food /Makanan Tambahan (MT) ASI, organic milk<br />porridge for baby and child under five years (Balita), and service product baby massage and baby spa.<br />Knowledge and skill provided Entrepreneurship"s UKM expected to be a provision to open the<br />opportunity to build an independent business that will accelerate the waiting period to get a job. In<br />this research, the author wan to know whether Entrepreneurship"s UKM really have a role in<br />accelerating the waiting period of graduates Academy of Midwifery (AKBID) Delima Persada Gresik.<br />Research Method used is qualitative method, and Object of research these are graduates of AKBID<br />Delima Perada Gresik.</p>
doi:10.33021/firm.v3i1.383 fatcat:vm3lvob5rfcn3iqe2iwbdgw6se