Synthesis of neutral nickel catalysts for ethylene polymerization ? the influence of ligand size on catalyst stabilityElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: experimental protocol for (tmeda)Ni(Me)2 and compounds 3,4,7,8,9 and 10 and 1H-NMR magnetization transfer data for compound 7. See

Eric F. Connor, Todd R. Younkin, Jason I. Henderson, Andrew W. Waltman, Robert H. Grubbs
2003 Chemical Communications  
A facile synthesis of nickel salicylaldimine complexes with labile dissociating ligands is described. In addition to producing highly active ethylene polymerization catalysts, important insights into the effect of ligand size on catalyst stability and information on the mechanism of polymerization are provided. C H E M . C O M M U N . , 2 0 0 3 , 2 2 7 2 -2 2 7 3
doi:10.1039/b306701g pmid:14518870 fatcat:wfwpabebabg5jbxcbwwjqpmpaa