Network abuse detection via flow content characterization

M. Kharrazi, K. Shanmugasundaram, N. Memon
Proceedings from the Fifth Annual IEEE SMC Information Assurance Workshop, 2004.  
One of the growing problems in our networks is the abuse of computing resources by authorized and unauthorized personnel. The nature of abuse may vary from using unauthorized applications to serving unauthorized content. Proliferation of peer-to-peer networks and the availability of of proxies for tunneling makes it difficult to detect such abuse and easy to circumvent security policies. This paper presents a novel method that can be used to detect abuse of resources on a network based solely
more » ... work based solely on the payload content type. The proposed method does not depend on packet headers and other simple packet characteristics and hence is able to better detect incidents of abuse.
doi:10.1109/iaw.2004.1437829 fatcat:r7yewc27bfc27mrs6zzmvpgs7i