Combination Flucytosine and High‐Dose Fluconazole Compared with Fluconazole Monotherapy for the Treatment of Cryptococcal Meningitis: A Randomized Trial in Malawi

Arthur Jackson, Jacob Phulusa, Shabbar Jaffar, Jesse C. Nussbaum, Creto Kanyemba, Deborah Kamwendo, Joseph N. Jarvis, Charles M. Van Der Horst, Dan Namarika, Mina C. Hosseinipour, Thomas S. Harrison, Jullita Kenala
Cryptococcal meningitis is a major cause of HIV-associated morbidity and mortality in Africa. Improved oral treatment regimens are needed, as amphotericin B is neither available nor feasible in many centers. Fluconazole 1200 mg/d is more fungicidal than 800 mg/d, but mortality remains unacceptably high. Therefore we examined the effect of adding oral flucytosine to fluconazole.
doi:10.17615/bn3b-da89 fatcat:hcczd2qefnbefmxa6h7hduobia