The Study of the Printability on the Phenol Free Heat-Set Web Inks(I) - Analysis by the printability testing -
Phenol Free Heat-Set 윤전 잉크의 인쇄적성에 관한 연구 (제1보) - 인쇄적성 시험에 의한 분석 -

Young-Baeck Ha, Sung-Sang Oh, Won-Jae Lee
2012 Journal of Korea Technical Association of The Pulp and Paper Industry  
In the 21st century, the printing industry as well as the IT industry has made rapid development. However, despite these technological advancement in the printing industry, it is still harmful for the environment, the state regulation is insufficient. Therefore, we studied the printability for the existing heat-set web inks and the newly created phenol-free eco-inks. This ink was made by reacting rosin and unsaturated dibasic acid and ester reactant, ester reactant was used instead of phenol.
more » ... nstead of phenol. Printability test were used in the IGT printability tester. Experimental conditions, the temperature 22.7 ℃, humidity 57% under conditions of 0.6cc of ink supply, the print speed 1m/sec, pressures were set at 250N. As results of this study, we were able to get the following conclusions. The properties of phenol-free ink is the same as the existing inks. So we are thought to improve some characteristics such as dispersion, able to replace the existing ink.
doi:10.7584/ktappi.2012.44.2.042 fatcat:xqhogzms7ng6tbq5mrgpqm4zte