Effect of foliar applications with Auxin (Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA)) and planting dates on yield quality and quantity of in three cultivars of cotton fibers

2015 International Journal of Biosciences  
In order to assess the effects of hormone indole acetic acid and sowing dates on yield and quality of cotton cultivars in a field study in Alborz Province and the city Eshtehard, R. Tawhid field during 2012 was performed. This test is a split-split-plot in a randomized complete block design with three replications was studied. Hormonal factor at 2 levels (1 level recommended for GH (500 mg) and 2 control without hormones) and the factor of five, including Varamin (control) V2= Q30, V3= E91, is
more » ... equirements. Planting dates were 11 May, 21, and 31, respectively Analysis of variance showed that planting date and cultivar solution and foliar applications with auxin in some quantitative and qualitative traits, there are significant differences (Table 2 ). Planting date on fiber fineness (p <0/05), of Kiel (p <0/05) and early (p ≤ 0/05) and the boll carpel weight (p ≤ 0/05) had a significant effect. The figures are also the (p ≤ 0/01), and percent stretch (p <0/05) and the percentage of lint% (p ≤ 0/01) and fiber weight (p ≤ 0/01). And cotton-seed weight (p ≤ 0/01) had a significant effect And auxin effects on boll number (p ≤ 0/01) and the number of opened boll (p ≤ 0/01) was significant. The hormone auxin interactions and figures on the number of opened boll significant (p <0/05) and also the interactions between cultivars, the plant hormone auxin was significant (p ≤ 0/01).
doi:10.12692/ijb/6.8.9-15 fatcat:pvtnq535yfhplawelpcfjrzawy