Finding Cathartic Beauty in Trauma and Abjection

Christy R. Kirk
Inspired by the dichotomy ofbeauty and the grotesque in relation to the female body, I set out to both find a balance and interrupt the balance between the two with my artistic practice. Defining beauty as something more significant and meaningful than a pretty image and the abject as something that inspires repulsion, I sought to find connection between the two. Through creating abject textures surrounding nude female forms, I discovered an underlying trauma latent in the artistic expressions
more » ... tistic expressions of my work. The process of creating abject works of art has lead to catharsis and posttraumatic growth in my personal life and artistic practice. Through the work I have found beauty in the abject and abjection in beauty. 3
doi:10.7936/k7z31wj8 fatcat:7f3tmcgfvvetdpqiyxca3wagpu