Target Range Estimation Method using Ghost Target in the Submarine Linear Array Sonar
잠수함 선배열소나의 허위표적 정보를 이용한 표적의 거리추정 기법

Byungwoong Choi, Kyubaek Kim
2015 Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology  
In this paper, we propose target range estimation method using ghost target in the submarine linear array sonar. Usually, when submarine detect target, they use passive sonar detection to avoid self-disclosure by active sonar transmission. But, originally, passive linear array sonar have limitation for target range estimation and additional processing is required to get target range information. For the case of near-field target, typical range estimation method is using multiple information by
more » ... ultipath effect in underwater environment. Acoustic signal generated from target are propagated along with numerous multipath in underwater environment. Since multipath target signals received in the linear array sonar have different conic angles each other, ghost target is appeared at the bearing different with real target bearing and sonar operator can find these information on the operation console. Under several assumption, this geometric properties can be analysed mathematically and we get the target range by derivation of this geometric equations using measured conic angles of real target and ghost target.
doi:10.9766/kimst.2015.18.5.532 fatcat:aypgd3myxbf4xjqhyrsrijoiii