Relationship of salivary flow of diabetic patients

Laís Santos Peres, Dayani Galato, Gláucia Helena Faraco de Medeiros
2017 RSBO  
Diabetes mellitus is a highly prevalent health condition. Its systemic changes cause oral manifestations that may or may not be associated. Objective: To investigate the presence of xerostomia in patients with diabetes. Materials and methods: This study consisted of a series of cases with 22 diabetic patients of the Family Health Strategy (FHS), neighborhood of Dehon, city of Tubarão (SC). A socio-demographic questionnaire was applied, the perception of dry mouth assessed, and the salivary flow
more » ... measured at rest and after stimulation. To evaluate the association was adopted p<0.05. Results: 77% of patients had dry mouth feeling symptoms compatible with a diagnosis of xerostomia; of these, only 65% had stimulated salivary flow below the reference values (≤0.7ml/min) compatible with hyposalivation also demonstrating the association between xerostomia and hyposalivation. No statistically significant differences occurred between patients using xerostomic medication and decreased salivary flow when stimulated (p=0.15) and dry mouth sensation (p=0.30). Conclusion: The observed diabetic patients have a high prevalence of xerostomia, however, without association with any drug.
doi:10.21726/rsbo.v13i2.277 fatcat:qjke4ie2vbap7c2agunvie22ua