Formation, optical and electrical properties of a new semiconductor phase of calcium silicide on Si(111)

S.A. Dotsenko, K.N. Galkin, D.A. Bezbabny, D.L. Goroshko, N.G. Galkin
2012 Physics Procedia  
The electronic structure and morphology of calcium silicide films formed by reactive deposition epitaxy at 130 o C on Mg 2 Si film and at 500 o C on Si(111)7x7 surface, their optical and electrical properties have been investigated. Formation of new calcium silicide phase with high Si concentration, indirect band gap (0.63 eV), high conductivity at low temperatures (50-450 K) has been obtained after calcium deposition at 500 o C on Si(111)7x7 surface.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2012.01.011 fatcat:74rl5ytsdrdb5fuipja3clwpo4