Improving Multilingual Semantic Interoperation in Cross-Organizational Enterprise Systems Through Concept Disambiguation

Jingzhi Guo, Li Da Xu, Guangyi Xiao, Zhiguo Gong
2012 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics  
For the multilingual semantic interoperations in cross-organizational enterprise systems and e-commerce systems, semantic consistency is a research issue that has not been well resolved. This paper contributes to improving multilingual semantic interoperation by proposing a concept-connected near synonym (NSG) framework for concept disambiguation. NSG framework provides a vocabulary preprocessing process of collaborative vocabulary editing, which further ensures semantically consistent
more » ... y for building semantically consistent business processes and documents between context-different information systems. The vocabulary preprocessing offered by NSG automates the process of finding potential near synonym sets and identifying collaboratively editable near synonym sets. The realization of NSG framework includes a probability model that computes concept values between concepts based on a newly introduced semantic relatedness method-SRCT. In this paper, SRCT-based methods are implemented and compared with some existing semantic relatedness methods. Experiments have shown that SRCT-based methods outperform the existing methods. This paper has made an improvement on the existing methods of semantic relatedness and reduces the collaboration cost of collaborative vocabulary editing. Index Terms-Data engineering, enterprise systems, industrial informatics, interenterprise multilingual interoperation, knowledge management, text analysis, understandability.
doi:10.1109/tii.2012.2188899 fatcat:qqcprdl7jvgabpcqwxa4lmxhoy