Effect of storage time and temperature on dissolved state of cellulose in TBAH-based solvents and mechanical property of regenerated films

Wei Li, Ling Tan, Qiandan Fan, Wei Wei, Zuowan Zhou
2021 Reviews on Advanced Materials Science  
Storage of cellulose solution can be practically ineluctable before it is manufactured into various regenerated products (e.g., fibers, films), especially in the case of industrial production. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the effect of storage time and temperature on the dissolved state of cellulose in the interested TBAH-based solvents (including TBAH/H2O, TBAH/H2O/DMSO, TBAH/H2O/Urea), as well as on the mechanical property of the relevant regenerated products (films were prepared in
more » ... this work for the evaluation). The dissolved state of cellulose in these solvents along with storage has been analyzed with the polarized light microscope photographs and Stormer viscosity. Focus on the interested TBAH/H2O/DMSO solvent, the effect of storage time and temperature on the solution viscosity, and degree of polymerization of cellulose have been discussed. Critical storage time for different storing temperature has been determined, after where significant cellulose degradation happens. A series of regenerated cellulose films with storage time ranging from 0 to 200 h have been prepared. The optimal storage time and strengthening mechanism for cellulose films regenerated from the solution of cellulose/TBAH/H2O/DMSO have been discussed. This work can provide reference about storage time and temperature of cellulose/TBAH/H2O/DMSO, especially for the production of pilot-scale, etc.
doi:10.1515/rams-2021-0034 fatcat:umpayvlflvcmhfvpit7d4ykjeq