Neglected near-death phenomena

2006 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
There are a number of important near-death phenomena that have not received much research attention in recent times. These include visual and auditory experiences, as well as such physical phenomena as breakage or falling of objects reported to take place around the time someone dies. Furthermore, some bystanders at deathbeds have reported seeing appa ritions and a variety of emanations coming from the dying person's body, such as mists, lights, or replicas of the dying person's body. In
more » ... n's body. In addition to presenting examples of these phenomena, I suggest several topics for further work in this area. Research needs to be conducted on the prevalence and the psychological characteristics of the experiencer. We also need to explore further interrela tionships between the features of the experiences, and between near-death phenomena and other veridical experiences that take place in relation to living persons who are not dying and who are dead. Research could follow a variety of assumptions, including parapsychological and conventional explanations. Studies of near-death phenomena are particularly difficult due to the apparent rarity of some experiences, and the rarity of researchers interested and willing to get involved in this type of research. KEY WORDS: near-death phenomena; deathbed apparitions; deathbed physical phenomena; deathbed emanations; selective perception; collective perception. Although there have been recent discussions and research on "after death communication" (Wright, 2002) and near-death experiences (NDEs) (van Lommel, van Wees, Meyers, and Elfferich, 2001), there are several other phenomena reported to occur around the moment of Carlos S. Alvarado,
doi:10.17514/jnds-2006-24-3-p131-151. fatcat:caogxh2vmver3gh7jev47e7dk4