Preparation of the multiannual financial framework regarding the financing of EU cooperation for African, Caribbean and Pacific States and Overseas Countries and Territories

European Commission Brussels
2011 unpublished
EN 5 EN 7. MONITORING AND EVALUATION The Commission already has regular monitoring and evaluation systems in place, covering the breadth of its aid programme. They involve both internal staff and external expertise. The systems evaluate country strategies, individual programmes and projects. In addition, external, independent experts are contracted to assess the performance of EU external action. The Commission also conducts strategic evaluations of its policies, from programming and strategy
more » ... ming and strategy to implementation of interventions in a specific sector, a country or region, or a specific instrument. Regarding the EDF, the essential elements and the basis for the EU intervention are set out in the EDF implementing regulation. The results of EU assistance on poverty eradication are measured using as far as possible specific and measurable indicators. Particular attention is paid to progress made towards achieving the MDGs.