Physicochemical Analysis of Seafood Processing Effluents in Aroor Gramapanchayath, Kerala [dataset]

Iosr Journals, Sherly Thomas, M.V. Harindranathan Nair, I.S.Bright Singh
2015 Figshare  
Processing effluents from seafood processing industries are the major cause of water pollution in and around Aroor gramapanchayath, Alappuzha District. It creates adverse impacts on poorly flushed receiving water bodies. The present study represents the characterization of effluents from seafood processing industries in these areas. Effluent samples were collected from different processing sites and periodic physicochemical analysis were carried out to assess the quality of effluent. The
more » ... nt parameters such as pH, TS, TSS, alkalinity, ammonia, chloride, BOD and COD have been studied using standard protocol APHA. The physicochemical analysis reveals that all the samples are highly organic in nature and are highly polluted and can affect the aquatic ecosystem if it is released without adequate treatment.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1471402.v1 fatcat:kwtsqsokzzbvrc6sbyrqbwgsra