Water drops kinematic analysis: the classic-quantum and single-multiparticle viewpoints

Daniele Wrachien, Giulio Lorenzini
2013 Open Engineering  
AbstractOne of the most challenging modelling problems in science is that of a particle crossing a gaseous mean. In sprinkler irrigation this applies to a water droplet travelling from the nozzle to the ground. The challenge mainly refers to the intense difficulty in writing and solving the system of governing equations for such complicate process, where many non-linearities occur when describing the relations and dependences among one influential parameter and another. The problem becomes even
more » ... more complicate when not just a single droplet alone is assessed but a multi-droplet system is accounted for as, in addition to the inter-parameter dependencies, it is also observed an inter-droplet reciprocal affection, mainly due to electrical interactions between the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms of the different water molecules. An alternative to traditional classic approaches to analyse water droplet dynamics in sprinkler irrigation have been recently proposed in the form of a quantum approach, but the whole classic-quantum and single-droplet versus multi-droplet alternatives need to be discussed and pinpointed and these are among the main aims of the present paper which focuses on the theoretical part of the issue, thus highlighting the new perspectives of a deeper comprehension in the spray flow related phenomena.
doi:10.2478/s13531-012-0027-z fatcat:psppctwv4jc57hq7naxurxxfzu