Yalova Koyunlarının Morfolojik Özellikleri Üzerine Bazı Çevre Faktörlerinin Etkileri

2020 Hayvansal Üretim  
Objective: This study aimed to determine the live weight, the body measurements and their morphological features, and the effect of some environmental factors on morphological characteristics of Yalova sheep. Materials and Methods: The research material was consisted of 1-5≤ year old 250 ewes from 5 flocks and 1-4 year old 70 rams from 13 flocks. Live weight, withers height, back height, rump height, body length, tail length, rump width, chest width, chest depth, chest girth, thigh
more » ... , cannon bone girth, head length, head width, forehead width, ear length and ear width of Yalova genotype was measured. Results: The average live weight of Yalova genotype was found as 55.63 and 85.75 kg for ewes and rams, respectively. Overall means of some characters of ewes were found as withers height,
doi:10.29185/hayuretim.771740 fatcat:od2mhlpyejgrljbtswmxgwj3jy