Methods for Evaluating Interactive Information Retrieval Systems with Users

Diane Kelly
2007 Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval  
This paper provides overview and instruction regarding the evaluation of interactive information retrieval systems with users. The primary goal of this article is to catalog and compile material related to this topic into a single source. This article (1) provides historical background on the development of user-centered approaches to the evaluation of interactive information retrieval systems; (2) describes the major components of interactive information retrieval system evaluation; (3)
more » ... es different experimental designs and sampling strategies; (4) presents core instruments and data collection techniques and measures; (5) explains basic data analysis techniques; and (4) reviews and discusses previous studies. This article also discusses validity and reliability issues with respect to both measures and methods, presents background information on research ethics and discusses some ethical issues which are specific to studies of interactive information retrieval (IIR). Finally, this article concludes with a discussion of outstanding challenges and future research directions. 1.3 Outline of Paper 7 perspectives in IR and Turtle et al.'s [277] review of interactive IR research as well as Ruthven's [225] more recent version. The Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) has also published many chapters on evaluation over its 40-year history including King's [173] article on the design and evaluation of information systems, 2 Kantor's [161] review of feedback and its evaluation in IR, Rorvig's [223] review of psychometric measurement in IR, Harter and Hert's [123] review of IR system evaluation, and Wang's [290] review of methodologies and methods for user behavior research. Several special issues of journals about evaluation of IR and IIR systems are also worth mentioning. The most current is Borlund and Ruthven's [37] special issue of IP&M about evaluating IIR systems. Other special issues include Dunlop et al.'s [82] special issue of Interacting with Computers and Harman's [120] special issue of IP&M, which included Robertson and Hancock-Beaulieu's [221] discussion of changes in IR evaluation as a result of new understandings of relevance, interaction and information behavior. These articles, along with Savage-Knepshield and Belkin's [240] analysis of how IR interaction has changed over time, Saracevic's [233] assessment of evaluation in IR, and Ingwersen and Järvelin's [139] book on information seeking and retrieval are great background reading for those interested in the evolution of IIR systems and evaluation. In addition to the sources from the IIR and IR literature, a number of sources related to experimental design and statistics were instrumental in the development of this paper: Babbie [13], Cohen [56], Gravetter and Wallnau [110], Myers and Well [200], Pedhazur and Schmelkin [208], and Williams [296]. 15
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