Мифы творения мира в фольклоре эвенов

Дьяконова Мария Петровна
Nowadays, it is important to study and preserve folklore as the core component of ethnic culture, in the conditions of intensive assimilatory processes, gradual loss of the traditional way of life and national culture. Despite on the achieved success of researchers (K. A. Novikova, V. D. Lebedev, Zh. K. Lebedeva, V. A. Robbek, A. A. Burykin, H. I. Dutkin) in the study of the Evens' folklore, some folklore genres are studied in insufficient degree. First of all, it is a genre of mythological
more » ... of mythological prose to whivh belong texts of the myths about creation of the world. The Evens up to the present time retain the concept of the truthfulness of the plot of the myths. The Evens' myths of the creation can be divided into 2 categories: the first uses the motive of "the origin of any object from others"; in such myths, a clear concept of the ancient mythological era and mythological time is still not formed, as there is not a constant formula for their designation. The second is a group of cyclized myths, united by a common idea of the creation of the world by the creator Havki. A number of the major characteristics of the myths of creation is present here and a specific theme of the creation of the world is realized. In addition to the plots of initial creation of the world, there are also plots of improvement of the created world. The latters are divided into two groups: the improvement of external and qualitative characteristics of living beings and of separate norms of public life in the world of people and animals.
doi:10.24411/9999-022a-2019-10234 fatcat:ontms27s25ai3hxfpobkfacbqa