Lakshmanakumar, Thanigavelan, Victor, Kaliyamurthi, Siddha Physician
Vediuppu Chendhuram (VC) is a traditional Siddha medicinal preparation using to treat Neerkattu and Neererichal. This biomedicine is synthesized through special oxidation of Vediuppu as narrated in the text Anubhoga Vaithiya avaneetham. Physicochemical characterization of VC was carried out using qualitative biochemical analysis and modern techniques such as Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma analysis and scanning electron microscopy. The study showed that the
more » ... aw material Vediuppu procured from Nagercoil country drug store is a preferred source and purification by Cow's urine shows constituents of organo-mineral matrix containing potassium nitrate. The potassium nitrate transform to a stable oxide form during the process of Chendhuram formation and forms the main component form of VC. The repeated trituration by onion leaf juice and heat treatment does result in conversion to oxide form in the finished product VC. The organic content of processed material degraded gradually. Physical and chemical evaluation revealed that VC is a light golden colour powder, slight alkaline nature and having solubility in water and Hcl with stabilized particle size distribution of 5µm. A clearly identifiable fraction of VC particles were below 50 nm. The presence of nanosized particles in VC might impart the therapeutic property of this medicine. Trace elemental analysis of VC revealed that heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead were below the deduction limit. Further, elemental analysis of VC revealed the presence of minerals like sodium, potassium, sulphur, phosphorus and calcium under acceptable limits at the prescribed dose of VC.