Pharmaceutical Applications of Circular Dichroism for Nanomaterial's

Manish K
2019 Advances in Clinical Toxicology  
Circular dichroism is a powerful, fast, non-destructive analytical technique for small molecules and big molecules such as proteins, peptides etc. Here, a basic review on principle and advantages of CD is given followed by application in various studies such as molecular interaction among chiral molecules, drug bio-target interaction, nanoparticle protein interaction, biopolymers, chiral molecule grafted nanocarriers, chiral molecule loaded Nano carriers and chiral nanoparticles. In conclusion,
more » ... circular dichroism is a powerful tool that can be used for conducting various interactions studies such as protein-receptor interaction, ligand or drug-protein interaction, confirming the siRNA/ siDNA delivery, determining any change, chemical modification or mutation in target, if occurred.
doi:10.23880/act-16000173 fatcat:zypnllwk35dzlen6lc7t6fnafq