Myocardial Functional Disorders in Hemodialysis Patient with Intradialytic Hypertension

Mohamed Ibrahim, ELMetwally EL-Shehawy, Hassan Abdelsalam, Ahmed Mansour, Nashwa Mohamed
2020 Benha Medical Journal  
Hemodialysis is the process of cleaning blood outside the body. It involves taking blood from a blood vessel and passing it through a synthetic filter, known as a dialyzer. Intradialytic hypertension (IDH) is a phenomenon where blood pressure increases during hemodialysis, and is associated with increased mortality. Majority of patients with IDH suffer and die from cardiovascular complications. Aim of the work: The aim of the work is to estimate the incidence of IDH among the hemodialysis
more » ... hemodialysis patients, and to study myocardial functional disorders during hemodialysis in IDH patients. Patient and Methods: study was carried out in hemodialysis unit, internal medicine department of Benha University Hospital, where 100 patients were selected, conventional echocardiography was done immediately before and after HD, Results: incidence of IDH was 30%. Mean LVEDD significantly decreased post dialysis from 48.3 mm to 46.6 mm. P value was <0.001. Mean LVESD significantly decreased from 39 mm to 37.1 mm. P value was <0.001 Mean LAV significantly decreased from 50.6 mm3 to 40.8 mm3. P value was <0.001 Mean COP significantly decreased from 5.9 L/m to 5.6 L/m. P value was <0.001 Mean SV significantly decreased from 82.5ml to 69.5 ml. P value was <0.001 Mean LA diameter significantly decreased from 38.2 mm to 32.5 mm. P value was<0.001 in IDH patient Conclusion: IDH is a common alteration in the dialysis population with significant changes on ECHO parameter.
doi:10.21608/bmfj.2020.109996 fatcat:24mwfldylnhljgpj47wz3cl274