Reduction of Power Imbalances Using Battery Energy Storage System in a Bulk Power System with Extremely Large Photovoltaics Interactions

Rajitha Udawalpola, Taisuke Masuta, Taisei Yoshioka, Kohei Takahashi, Hideaki Ohtake
2021 Energies  
Power imbalances such as power shortfalls and photovoltaic (PV) curtailments have become a major problem in conventional power systems due to the introduction of renewable energy sources. There can be large power shortfalls and PV curtailments because of PV forecasting errors. These imbalances might increase when installed PV capacity increases. This study proposes a new scheduling method to reduce power shortfalls and PV curtailments in a PV integrated large power system with a battery energy
more » ... h a battery energy storage system (BESS). The model of the Kanto area, which is about 30% of Japan's power usage with 60 GW grid capacity, is used in simulations. The effect of large PV power integration of 50 GW and 100 GW together with large BESS capacity of 100 GWh and 200 GWh has been studied. Mixed integer linear programming technique is used to calculate generator unit commitment and BESS charging and discharging schedules. The simulation results are shown for two months with high and low solar irradiance, which include days with large PV over forecast and under forecast errors. The results reveal that the proposed method eliminates power shortfalls by 100% with the BESS and reduce the PV curtailments by 69.5% and 95.2% for the months with high and low solar irradiance, respectively, when 200 GWh BESS and 100 GW PV power generation are installed.
doi:10.3390/en14030522 fatcat:w6ara65r3zefvjqwvzn2o3qf7a