Ladislav Hejdánek jako student Univerzity Karlovy (1946–1952)

Václav Dostál
2022 Acta Universitatis Carolinae: Historia Universitatis Carolinae Pragensis  
This study deals with the studies of Ladislav Hejdánek (1927–2020), one of the most prominent contemporary Czech philosophers, in particular the years he spent at the Prague university both as a student of mathematics (at the Faculty of Science) and later as a student of philosophy (at the Faculty of Arts). The author follows the development of his interests from natural sciences through symbolic logic all the way to his decision to focus on philosophy, which he took after meeting Jan Patočka.
more » ... he contribution examines the conditions which influenced is studies after the Communist coup-d'état in February 1948, the way he passed the political screening to which all students were subjected, and continuation of studies despite the political situation and a severe illness. Hejdánek is presented as a talented student who despite his ideological nonconformity with the new regime was able to receive a doctorate but was then subsequently for most of his life banned from working in his field of expertise.
doi:10.14712/23365730.2022.18 fatcat:4h5u7ghwrffmzni2bqurstzogy