Structure, luminescence property and energy transfer behavior of color-adjustable La5Si2BO13:Ce3+,Mn2+ phosphors

Haikun Liu, Libing Liao, Zhiguo Xia
2014 RSC Advances  
A series of color-adjustable phosphors La 5 Si 2 BO 13 (LSBO):Ce 3+ ,Mn 2+ were synthesized through a high temperature solid-state method. The crystal structures of Ce 3+ and Mn 2+ doped La 5 Si 2 BO 13 phosphors were refined by the Rietveld method, which were proved to be the apatite-type hexagonal phase (space group of P63/m). It was found that two different La 3+ sites in the La 5 Si 2 BO 13 phase were occupied evenly by Ce 3+ and Mn 2+ ions, and then the formed vacancy contributed to the
more » ... ntributed to the charge compensation. La 5 Si 2 BO 13 :Ce 3+ ,Mn 2+ phosphors exhibited a broad excitation band ranging from 250 to 375 nm and two broad emission bands centred at 418 nm and 585 nm upon 345 nm excitation. It is found that the emission colors could be tuned from blue-violet (0.1629, 0.0523) to pink (0.3227, 0.1830) by changing the ratio of Ce 3+ /Mn 2+ . Moreover, the energy transfer mechanism was verified to be the dipole-dipole interaction, and the critical distance was calculated to be 10.02Å by using the concentration quenching method.
doi:10.1039/c3ra47223j fatcat:au3zuuompjcubng4bljd4mgnoq