Attitudes of Business Students Towards Career In Central Bank, Private Commercial Banks & Nationalized Commercial Banks; A Study on Bangladesh

Arifuzzaman Khan, Sandip Sarker
2013 International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains  
The banking industry is always a major job provider in Bangladesh. Particularly, the expansion of private banking business, along with nationalized commercial ones, has created huge number of job opportunities. Different types of banks have different types of jobs. The job in the central bank (Bangladesh bank-BB) is different from any other commercial banks. It includes the strategic decision making for private banks and non bank financial institutions, monitoring and supervising them etc and
more » ... us it seems to be a prestigious job to the employees, though the salary structure is not very attractive. On the other hand two types of commercial banks are there, NCBs (nationalized commercial banks) and PCBs (private commercial banks). The NCBs and PCBs are doing the same commercial banking though the organizational structure and the job they provide are little different in character. But their attitude towards the entire banking career is off course not the same. Branding the job is another issue. "Employer branding" is relatively new and interesting topic. Here the human resources and the employment itself are branded. The Bangladeshi banks, except very private banks, are not practicing this concept. The study finds that the overall performances of PCBs are best followed by BB & NCBs. That means to be branded as a good employer the government sector banks has to go through a major reformation process. According to the study 'Performance based promotion system' is found to be the most important attribute, followed by 'Remuneration', 'Growth opportunity', 'Social status', 'Job security' & 'Brand image' and so forth. So based on those factors, to be considered as the best employer, all those banks have scopes for development.
doi:10.5121/ijmvsc.2013.4404 fatcat:vuxe4b2jmzex5kfanauatyzcia