Eko Siswanto
2019 UKaRsT  
AbstrakAlong with the development of technology today many types of materials and mixtures are used. This study used concrete K-225 jobmix and carried out the addition of coconut fiber as an addition to coarse aggregate and Fly ash as cement enhancer.Jobmix variations of concrete are 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. The number of test specimens from each variation was made 3 pieces of specimens in the form of cubes 15 x 15 x 15 cm, testing the specimens was carried out at the age of 28 days. By
more » ... of 28 days. By testing compressive strength and absorption. The results showed that the average compressive strength of concrete in each variation was 0% (2800 kg / cm2), 10% (2520 kg / cm2), 20% (2016 kg / cm2), 30% (1411 kg / cm2) and 40% (846 kg / cm2). From the average - compressive strength of concrete in each variation data obtained that the value of compressive strength of concrete with a variation of 10% is equal to the average value of compressive strength K-225. The optimum percentage of coconut fiber fibers in the compressive strength of concrete at a variation of 10% with the conversion results of 260 kg / cm3 reaching k-225 quality. Absorption test with addition of coconut fiber fibers and Fly ash in each variation with an average of ¼ hour (0.101 ml), 1 hour (0.046 ml), 4 hours (0.016 ml), and 24 hours (0.037 ml) Keywords: Compressive Strength, Absorption, Coconut Fiber, Fly ash.
doi:10.30737/ukarst.v3i1.352 fatcat:bno7utpohbhkxdiuu3sgldncmu