Emergent super-Virasoro on magnetic branes

Eric D'Hoker, Bijan Pourhamzeh
2016 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The low energy limit of the stress tensor, gauge current, and supercurrent two-point correlators are calculated in the background of the supersymmetric magnetic brane solution to gauged five-dimensional supergravity constructed by Almuhairi and Polchinski. The resulting correlators provide evidence for the emergence of an N=2 super-Virasoro algebra of right-movers, in addition to a bosonic Virasoro algebra and a $U(1) \oplus U(1)$-current algebra of left-movers (or the parity transform of left-
more » ... transform of left- and right-movers depending on the sign of the magnetic field), in the holographically dual strongly interacting two-dimensional effective field theory of the lowest Landau level.
doi:10.1007/jhep06(2016)146 fatcat:rvsbjocixjaqve24c7vasln6vy