A study of students' perception about e-learning

Kalpana R, Mehandi Vinayak Mahajan
2018 Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology  
e-learning is a relatively new phenomenon where currently the educators and students are grappling with the idea of its implementation and adaptation. With the speedy development of ICT and relative exposure of students to it, this study examines students' perceptions about e-learning which would help in a newer teaching learning experiences on the campus. Materials and Methods: A quantitative approach with a structured questionnaire (18 close and 5 open ended) were used for data collection and
more » ... data collection and it was presented to 150 respondents (2nd year M.B.BS) of age group 19-21yrs of different socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds. Results and Discussion: 90% students used internet daily. 78% Male [M] and 92% Female [F] respondents have an idea about elearning, while 92.5% of them indicated their interest to further guidance. 88%M and 79 F students claim to not have any elearning facilities on campus. 58% M and 49%F use various forms like emails, chat, blogs, video conferencing, WhatsApp to communicate with their faculties. 98% agree to find e-learning useful and 86% M and 94% F are motivated to use it. 81%M and 88% F find e-learning to be of interactive mode and 74% M with 83% F agree about its cost effectivity. Implementing e-learning would improve performance in 99% students with 74% M and 53% F indicating better understanding of the course. 75% believe that they will have ready access to e-learning courses while other don't due to lack of constant supply of internet. 38% agree elearning is disadvantages as it will replace faculties as they are comfortable with the traditional teaching style, while 26% disagree. 58% M and 64% F think student will skip traditional classes while 39% M and 35% F would be distracted. 86%M and 92% F disagree with adapting difficulties on implementing newer e-learning modules and tools while the others agree due lack of training. Students gave suggestions to start blogs, online discussions, online submission of home work, and video assisted training for clinical work. Conclusion: The study clearly depicts that e-learning has its benefits from a student's perspective and it will have a positive influence on their performance with better understanding of their courses. Thus for at least the following few years, the university needs come out with e-learning tools and modules for a better teaching -learning experience make a positive impact on the students career. How to cite this article: Mahajan M V, Kalpana. R. A study of students' perception about e-learning. Indian J Clin Anat Physiol. 2018;5(4):501-507.
doi:10.18231/2394-2126.2018.0116 fatcat:sgyrioczr5biho7p3f7eweae2a