Generation Method of Spatiotemporal Image for Detecting Leukocyte Motions in a Microvessel
미소혈관내 백혈구 운동검출을 위한 시공간 영상 생성법

Eung Kyeu Kim
2016 Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers  
This paper presents a method for generating spatiotemporal images to detect the leukocyte motions in a microvessel. By using the constraint that the leukocytes move along the contour line of a blood vessel wall, the method detects leukocyte motions and then generates spatiotemporal images. the translational motion by a movement in vivo is removed first by the template matching method. Next, a blood vessel region is detected by the automatic threshold selection method to binarize the temporal
more » ... ize the temporal variance image, then a blood vessel wall's contour is expressed by B-spline function. With the detected blood vessel wall's contour as an initial curve, the plasma layer of the best accurate position is determined to be the spatial axis by snake. Finally, the spatiotemporal images are generated. The experimental results show the spatiotemporal images are generated effectively through the comparison of each step of three image sequences.
doi:10.5573/ieie.2016.53.9.099 fatcat:hkjgfdgmanaajlbqwwtrg6kobu