Security of Confidential Data in Database using Triple Layer Encryption

Manjusha S. Nair, Aswathy B. Lal, Nithin Prasad, Paul K. George, R. Gopika Nair, Renju Koshy
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
An application which provides triple encryption is proposed. All data packets passed between the server and client format is in encrypted format, so nobody can access the actual data by attacks like man-in-the-middle or by bypassing the server security. The three encryptions include a client side encryption, SSL and server side encryption. Sending the data from the client to the server and then encrypting at the server has all the security risks. A reversible encryption algorithm is proposed to
more » ... encrypt/decrypt the data and the key is stored along with the data itself. The key, after the encryption, is divided into parts and stored at prespecified locations inside the data. These locations are determined from the data itself. The key is read from the packet and then decrypted when the data needs to be fetched back. Also the key can act like a second password. The decrypted data is then passed to the client over a secured connection. Here client side decryption is performed to generate the actual text data. The system enables sharing of files among a group, in which the file is accessible only to members of that group. This is possible by providing the client side key to the group members. The proposed scheme that has been designed can be used for handling highly confidential data in military applications
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is030946 fatcat:s6tqpu35nve55ltzbfzkwtste4