SVM based Classifier for Noise Classification in Ultrasound B - Mode Images

Sudhamshu Mohan S, Mr. Harsha, Dr. Padmaja K V
2016 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
It is a renowned fact that noise degrades the visual evaluation in ultrasound imaging. So characterization and classification of different types of noise becomes inevitable in the process of De-noising. As noise characterization in Ultrasound is subtle and empirical in nature there is no single methodology that works optimally in characterization of noise. As the principal concern of removing noise is to maintain a tradeoff between smoothness and shape preservation, which cannot be ensured,
more » ... not be ensured, unless there is a sophisticated mechanism for handling different noise. This constraint paved way for many algorithms like Diffusion filters, Time Scaling approach etc. Which mainly smoothens the image based on the requirement which is specific to an image. There is no single methodology which is in dependent of parameters of the input image in its algorithmic approach. As a preliminary step, here is an attempt to design an autonomous system which is based on SVM Classifier in which noise is classified into different types so that each type can be dealt in an optimal way. This work will address the challenge of characterizing noise and deciding the extent of de-noising, there by caters the physician in subsequent analysis.
doi:10.17577/ijertv5is080183 fatcat:ygitzxkkmbgqddru4r5t5dxdpi