A. C. Биханова, C. C. Ургушева
Formulation of the problem. The development of mortgage lending brings significant benefits to the state. First of all, it helps to solve the housing problem, which is important from the point of view of social policy. This encourages citizens' own initiative. In addition, domestic investment - savings of the populapopulation, money of institutional investors - is involved in lending. The purpose of the article is to reflect the current state and features of mortgage lending in the Republic of
more » ... azakhstan (Kazakhstan). The subject of the research is mortgage relations regarding housing lending in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Methods used in the research: analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, logical and historical method, scientific abstraction and statistical comparisons. The hypothesis of the research is to substantiate the value of the mortgage to improve the stability and efficiency of the banking system of the country. Secured loans are more secure for banks, because when a loan is not repaid, the bank pledges and repays its funds. Statement main material of the research. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is an increase in loans granted to households by second-tier banks for the purchase of housing. Currently, mortgage lending in Kazakhstan is a real opportunity to buy real estate for many working Kazakhstani people with a stable income. Especially in view of the fact that recently, in all mortgage companies, the mandatory first deposit has been reduced from 30% to 10% - 15% of the cost of housing, the loan term has been increased from 3 to 20 years, and the interest rate has decreased from 24 % (2001) to 8% (2018). Originality and practical significance of the research. The proposed measures will provide additional impetus for the revitalization of the Mortgage Lending Program and accelerate the implementation of the President's instructions to provide affordable housing for citizens. Conclusions of the research. In the short term, the massive introduction of a home mortgage lending system will cause an increase in housing demand. Due to the inelastic demand in the housing market in the short term, it is natural that such a situation will lead to an increase in housing prices. The role of the state is to gradually introduce mortgage lending and, at the same time, to systematically expand the housing market by supporting the construction of new homes and creating adequate demand.
doi:10.32620/cher.2019.3.05 fatcat:jqupus2npzhsveqa7jdskmhjpy