11 Kommunikation im Zeichen der Aufrichtigkeit: Jean-Jacques Rousseau versus Denis Diderot [chapter]

2021 Die indirekte Kommunikation in Frankreich  
Die veränderten Vorzeichen der Kommunikation in der Aufklärung [...] the most eminent instance of the flourishing of learning in absolute governments, is that of France, which scarcely ever enjoyed any established liberty, and yet has carried the arts and sciences as near perfection as any other nation. The English are, perhaps, greater philosophers; the Italians better painters and musicians; the Romans were greater orators: But the French are the only people, except the Greeks, who have been
more » ... t once philosophers, poets, orators, historians, painters, architects, sculptors, and musicians. With regard to the stage, they have excelled even the Greeks, who far excelled the English. And, in common life, they have, in a great measure, perfected that art, the most useful and agreeable of any, l'Art de Vivre, the art of society and conversation. David Hume, Of Civil Liberty¹ 'Le masque ! le masque !' je donnerais un de mes doigts pour avoir trouvé le masque.
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