Wafer-sized multifunctional polyimine-based two-dimensional conjugated polymers with high mechanical stiffness

Hafeesudeen Sahabudeen, Haoyuan Qi, Bernhard Alexander Glatz, Diana Tranca, Renhao Dong, Yang Hou, Tao Zhang, Christian Kuttner, Tibor Lehnert, Gotthard Seifert, Ute Kaiser, Andreas Fery (+3 others)
One of the key challenges in two-dimensional (2D) materials is to go beyond graphene, a prototype 2D polymer (2DP), and to synthesize its organic analogues with structural control at the atomic- or molecular-level. Here we show the successful preparation of porphyrin-containing monolayer and multilayer 2DPs through Schiff-base polycondensation reaction at an air-water and liquid-liquid interface, respectively. Both the monolayer and multilayer 2DPs have crystalline structures as indicated by
more » ... ected area electron diffraction. The monolayer 2DP has a thickness of∼0.7 nm with a lateral size of 4-inch wafer, and it has a Young's modulus of 267±30 GPa. Notably, the monolayer 2DP functions as an active semiconducting layer in a thin film transistor, while the multilayer 2DP from cobalt-porphyrin monomer efficiently catalyses hydrogen generation from water. This work presents an advance in the synthesis of novel 2D materials for electronics and energy-related applications.
doi:10.34657/9014 fatcat:is3ds5ymojg2vbzipwgkta6syi