PrimeDesign software for rapid and simplified design of prime editing guide RNAs [article]

Jonathan Y. Hsu, Andrew V. Anzalone, Julian Grunewald, Kin Chung Lam, Max W. Shen, David R. Liu, J. Keith Joung, Luca Pinello
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Prime editing (PE) is a versatile genome editing technology, but design of the required guide RNAs is more complex than for standard CRISPR-based nucleases or base editors. Here we describe PrimeDesign, a user-friendly, end-to-end web application and command-line tool for the design of PE experiments. PrimeDesign can be used for single and combination editing applications, as well as genome-wide and saturation mutagenesis screens. Using PrimeDesign, we also constructed PrimeVar, the first
more » ... ar, the first comprehensive and searchable database for prime editing guide RNA (pegRNA) and nicking sgRNA (ngRNA) combinations to install or correct >68,500 pathogenic human genetic variants from the ClinVar database.
doi:10.1101/2020.05.04.077750 fatcat:bwc2iw74k5b4nmjmj2llyld6cu