Anti-Osteoporosis and Anti-Osteoarthritis Activity of Fresh Water Snail (Viviparous bengalensis) Flesh Extract in Experimental Animal Model

Amrita Sarkar, Poulami Datta, Aparna Gomes, Subir Chandra Das Gupta, Antony Gomes
2013 Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases  
Aims: Aim was to evaluate the anti-osteoporotic and anti-osteoarthritic activity of fresh water snail (Viviparous bengalensis) (VB) flesh extract (VBE) in experimental model. Settings and Design: Experimental osteoporosis (OSP) was developed in female Wistar rats by bilateral overectomy and Osteoarthritis (OA) was developed in male Wistar rats by bacterial collagenase injection. Methods and Material: VB was collected locally and authenticated, then homogenized in 3500 rpm × 15 mins and
more » ... 5 mins and supernatant was collected. Rats were divided into-Group-1: Sham control, Group-2: OSP/OA control, Group-3: Standard (vitD 3 200 mg·kg −1 ; p.o., calcium i.p. 1500 mg·kg −1 × 15 days in OSP and indomethacin 0.25 mg·kg −1 , p.o. × 5 alternative days in OA), Group-4: VBE treated (1 gm·kg −1 ; p.o. × 15 days), Group-5: VBE treated (2 mg·kg −1 ; p.o. × 15 days). Anti-osteoporotic and anti-osteoarthritic activity of VBE was examined through physical, urinary and serum parameters. Statistical Use: Data were expressed in terms of mean ± SEM (n = 6). ANOVA was performed, p < 0.05 considered significance. Key Findings: It was observed that the body weight, ankle/ knee diameters, urinary markers hydroxyproline/glucosamine/calcium/phosphate/creatinine, serum ACP/ALP/TRAP, calcium/creatinine, cytokines (TNF-α/IL-1β/CINC-1) levels were changed significantly and restored after VBE treatment. Significance: Fresh water snail flesh extract possess anti-osteoporosis and anti-osteoarthritic activity in experimental animal models.
doi:10.4236/ojra.2013.31003 fatcat:5uruzfmorzfxjkdx43litjt4na