Translator's Foreword: Why I Translate So Intelligently: Translation Mètis in the Era of Google Translate [chapter]

2019 Morphing Intelligence  
NEVER BEFORE has the translator's intelligence been so suspect, so vulnerable. To a longstanding contempt for their devotion to iteration is now added redundancy, given the fact of Google Translate. Surely, the internet will render my translations of Malabou's work from French into English unnecessary. So why persist in an artisanal practice when, in a fraction of a second, a single click, the computer could save us all that work? Why place bets on a slow tortoise when already at the starting
more » ... ne, the hare waits, smartphone in hand, apps at the ready? Does Malabou have an answer for her translators? Here, in her most recent metamorphosis, she warns against the conceits of plasticity, engaging in a frank confrontation with her hopes for what we might do with our brain. She tears apart her previous claims about our unique and free plasticity and how the human brain could give shape to
doi:10.7312/mala18736-001 fatcat:xgkbkmhuyrhv7perzr3j7psnqq