Examples of the influence of centrifuge modelling on offshore geotechnical engineering

C. Gaudin
Offshore geotechnical engineering is characterized by unusual soil and loading conditions, a continuously moving frontier resulting in the requirement for innovative geotechnical solutions, and the very high cost associated with in-situ soil characterization and field testing in remote and deep oceans. As a consequence, offshore engineering practices has probably benefitted more from centrifuge modelling than other domains of geotechnical engineering, since the first offshore projects performed
more » ... projects performed in 1973. After a brief overview of the role, contribution and advantages of centrifuge modelling for offshore geotechnics, the paper illustrates the influence centrifuge modelling has had in recent years in improving the understanding of soil structure interaction and in the development of guidelines and recommendations in two particular areas via five examples; spudcan foundation and pipe-soil interaction.
doi:10.4233/uuid:d4b4c326-ccef-4b61-aa66-8ebcc6e6836d fatcat:tpissjgtmvd3hgslxapjirvsuy