Study of frequency of wet and dry spells over Nasik district

2022 Mausam  
Frequencies of wet and dry spells at eight stations Dindori, Peillt, Chandor Yeola Kalwan,. Sinnar, Satana and Nasik in Nasik district for the southwest monsoon period are 'studied. The study is based on the daily rainfall data of the stations for 50 years from 1921 to 1970. It is seen that the frequencies of rain spells of less than five days are common and high for all stations and there is a general decrease in the frequencies for spells more than five days. The same analogy is noticed in
more » ... spells also. The effect of persistence, the number of runs of different durations expected only on chance are a.1so worked out for both wet and dry spells for all the stations. The effect of orography on the frequencies is very well reflected, lower wet spells being more on the windward side facilities to of the hills and higher dry spells in the rain shadow region.
doi:10.54302/mausam.v36i4.2079 fatcat:he2nq2azdvbcvc5xw7zhfiyhcu