2017 International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering and Research  
Trust management is one of the most challenging issues in the adoption and growth of cloud computing environment. There are several challenging issues in the trust management such as privacy, security, and availability. These process threatening the entire cloud users. In the New age communication cloud has been introduced. There are various services available in the cloud server like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. From these services for security purpose TaaS -Trust as a service has been implemented. But
more » ... need more improvement in the TaaS. Cloud E-Mail service that deals with the web application that manages the electronic way of communication. Through the project we can create our own cloud mail server with ESMTP -Enhanced Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Introducing a secured DNS with enhanced database which supports on cloud mail server. A procedure based security methodology called as instruction detection system. TRF Works on ESMTP and Cloud Mail server to customize the user right for Outgoing mail server and user data access. ARF Works on entire cloud sever, and monitors the third party activates and takes security decisions.
doi:10.23883/ijrter.2017.3071.hzlvv fatcat:k6xtbui6erbu5bfcr6ja5pyfki